You have always wanted to have a puppy but because of your allergy you have not been able to and it is time to tell you that ... not everything is what it seems. You have the possibility of having your pet without suffering from allergy symptoms.


Many people think that an allergy is simply to the animal's hair, but it can also be caused by the saliva or excess sebum of the animal (dander). Therefore, the first thing is to do some tests to confirm the cause of the allergy and once you know the cause, find out which breeds you can live with.


If you have an allergy to dog hair, you will have to look for one with short hair or one that does not fall too much, the same will happen with saliva or drool and with dandruff / sebum. It is very important that you inform yourself well of which are the breeds because once you adopt or acquire a pet it has to be a thoughtful and final decision.

Here we bring you some of the breeds with which a person with an allergy can live without problems:

  • The Maltese Bichon
  • Bichon Frize
  • Bichon bolognese
  • Havanese
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Schnauzer
  • Water dog
  • Spanish greyhound
  • English greyhound
  • Italian greyhound

Both the Maltese Bichon, the Frize, the Bolognese or the Havanese, are dogs that have a lot of fur, but they do not shed much, which is why they are perfect for living with allergy sufferers. And the same goes for the Yorkshire, the Schnauzer, the Water Dog and the Greyhound.


So allergic person, problem solved!




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