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Summer holidays are here!

Motto nº1: the 3 Ds,  rest, disconnect y enjoy!

And with who better than with our most faithful companions, our pets. Take advantage of the short day to spend more time and lengthen our walks: but attention, be careful with the high temperatures so you do not give them a heat stroke. It is preferable shorten the walks from between 13:00 and 15:00 in the afternoon and lengthen the first and last hour in which our friend will feel cooler and more comfortable. So we also avoid possible burns on the pads of their legs by the heat accumulated in the ground.

Fundamental always carry with us his bowl and a bottle of Water so you can drink at all times. Also, when traveling by car, a good option to be more comfortable on vacation trips is to take the PetGround in the vehicle so you do not have the need to hold on or even as a bed to support yourself and be cooler. Remember to put a safety harness to be subject in case of braking and never leave him locked in the car, even with the windows down.

It is also not advisable to cut the by the to all races since there are many that have it long for protection of your skin, so it is important to contrast this action with the veterinarian. Check your mane every day, for the possible incrustation of seeds of grasses, especially between the claws and the ears that can be stuck and cause pain. And remember protect you from mosquitoes and parasites with special collars and similar products. 

In case of expert swimmers, dry your ears very well when leaving the water to prevent possible cases of otitis!


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