How to educate a puppy to do his needs?

It is completely normal for our dog to dirty our house when he has not been taught since he was a puppy where he must do exactly his needs.
"Dirt" the house soon becomes a bad practice as dogs develop strong preferences of territory, material and smell to decide for their "improvised bathroom" at home. It is not their fault, it is totally instinctive.

So we will give you some tips that you can put into practice to teach your puppy to do his needs away from home, or inside your Petground in cases where they are puppies, it is very cold, rainy or there is no time to take a walk.

IMPORTANT: Our Petgrounds cannot be substitutes for walks. We must get our dogs out every day.
To teach your dog to do his needs away from home, the initial thing to do is to prevent any "accident"; and the secondary thing will be to teach your puppy the place where you would like him to do it.

Educate a puppy to do his needs - Prevent “accidents”

"Accidents" while training a puppy are worse than they seem, since they can end up creating a bad habit in the puppy, so the main thing is to prevent them from happening.

When you are not at home, try to leave your pet in a small space, with an easy-to-clean floor, such as the bathroom or kitchen, and establish it as the play space. Or leave a space that emulates an external and natural area, such as the Petground, or newspapers, although this last option is less recommended.

Leave a couple of toys so you do not get bored while you are alone and put the bed in a corner, as far away from the place you have designated to be your “bathroom” as it will try to make your needs as far away as possible from the place where Play and rest.

How to teach him to do his needs outside?

We will give you some simple steps to teach your dog to do his needs away from home:

1.- Once an hour, say a phrase like “Let's pee” or one of your preference and take it quickly to where you prefer to do them (for example, in a tree or in the park)

2. Stay still next to him and repeat the phrase.
Give it about 3 minutes

3.- When he finally does, celebrate with him and give him some food prize.

When your puppy realizes that he gets rewards for doing his needs outside, he will not do it again because he “does not suit him”, unless he is taught to always do it in the same place where we will place an artificial soaper or a petground.

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