International Cat Day February 20

On February 20, International Cat Day is celebrated throughout the world, but to be honest, it is not the only date during the year that is dedicated in honor of these beautiful animals. In fact, the cat is the only animal in the world that has a day in his honor three times a year.

But why is cat day celebrated on February 20?

The origin is thanks to a very influential cat, in name Socks (Word in English for Socks). Socks was Bill Clinton's cat, who at that time was president of the United States of America.

The Casablanca was his home since 1993 and was famous for sneaking into the president's public events, the presidential room during the press events seemed to be his favorite place.

Sadly, Socks was diagnosed with cancer and his owners put him to sleep precisely on February 20, 2009.

So when Socks died, February 20 International Cat Day is celebrated every year, with the aim of promoting an adoption campaign to give a home to stray animals.

It is also worth mentioning that it is Cat's Day on August 8, due to its coincidence with the period of greatest fertility in the northern hemisphere. And also on October 29, National Cat Day is celebrated in the US

Why are cats so adorable?

We don't know exactly what cats have that cause so much sensation. Kitty videos on the Internet usually have millions of views. They are favorite protagonists of memes. Some cats have become stars.

Some psychologists say that watching videos of cats makes us feel better, they inspire us positivism and charge us with energy.

How to celebrate International Cat Day?

If you have a cat, the best thing you can do is dedicate a little time to your pet, either playing with it to what you like, give it a lollipop, or simply take it and pet it, something that they love.

Or you can surprise him with a PetGround for cats  and give him a small private garden to play and purge.

Happy Cat's Day to all!

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