Has it also happened to you that at a certain time of night your cat, your puppy or your rabbit, they start sprinting like crazy throughout the house for no apparent reason? Or that you scratch his belly and his leg goes out of control? Don't panic, your pet is "normal."

Hyperactivity at night is because animals have activity peaks of different intensity throughout the day, and at night, the peaks are usually more intense. In some cases, as in cats, it is usually associated with a stimulus for hunting, and in rabbits, like survival instinct (Which would explain why the first few weeks at home sleep with their eyes open) However, it may also be that you have spent the day sleeping and need to release all the accumulated energy and what better way to release it, than running around without stopping. The involuntary movement of the leg is called "scratch reflex" and it can appear when scratching behind the ears, the belly, or the back of the spine. Being you are most sensitive areas, they need extra protection against possible parasites, insects, seeds or twigs, that can be stuck during a walk, so when they perceive a stimulus in that area, the nerve endings send a message to the brain that activates the order to scratch scratch and scratch to get rid of these "strange agents".

Another "funny" occurrence of our pets, is when they decide to use us as a seat or better yet, rub their backs by the face ... Both animals have a sense of smell very developed, even becoming 100.000 times more sensitive than the human being thanks to the use of "Jacobson's organ", auxiliary sensory organ that allows them to identify through the anal glands, diet, gender, and even emotional state of their new friend. When a cat offers you its rear, it is making a declaration of friendship, inviting you to get to know it better and to be caressed, an honor. In the case of dogs, in addition to receiving pampering and because they are at ease, it is usually the way to mark their territory and to notify visitors that you are their property!

When your cat is paralyzed looking at a fixed point and no matter how much you look you see nothing, if suddenly lift your upper lip and the head as if inhaling air, what it is doing is attracting volatile particles like pheromones to its vomeronasal organ (located between the nose and mouth). If your cat is one of those who stays still and does nothing, namely what it may be perceiving ...

And every pet is a world! Tell us your partner's curious behaviors and we will try to explain them! 

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  • Mercedes

    My dog ​​has a habit of staring at a point (where there is apparently only a wall) and although I call her (and I know she hears me) she does not blink …… ..
    Strange, right?

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