Until now, teaching a puppy to relieve himself in one place as an option until he was vaccinated and could go outside had required a very high cost for the person, that had to make the puppy understand he could only pee in the same place, because it wasn't intuitive for the pet. intuitive zero soaker, and with a suspicious resemblance to the rug ...
However, the highest cost was for the planet. Only one of these soakers takes approximately 200 years to decompose. Putting ourselves in the best of the cases, a dog uses 1 daily soaker during only 2 years of life, of puppy and of old man, 730 soakers in total. If we take into account that only in Spain there are 5 million dogs, mostly of mini race, with greater tendency to use soakers and assuming that at least one 20% use them. We are talking about a figure of 1.000.000 of daily soakers. Tons and tons of waste thrown daily to the planet so that our dog does not spoil the house.
PetGround he has managed to give a spin of 360º to this training. Turning it into a natural and instinctive habit for the puppy. Streamlining the learning process and creating a direct association between the grass outside and the one he had used so far. In addition, being natural, it does not contain any material that could be harmful to your health and its soil substrate absorbs urine and acts as a barrier against odors. It's like having a private garden at home!
And the most important thing: with PetGround you can help reduce XNUMX wee wee pads to XNUMX only, using the larger sizes that come with a recyclable plastic tray that can be used throughout the dog's life. On the other hand, with the standard sizes you can reduce it to XNUMX units. A saving with an incalculable value for the planet. help reduce that number of 730 soakers to 1 only, using the large sizes with recyclable plastic tray that can be used throughout the dog's life. On the other hand, with the sizes standard you manage to reduce it to 48 units. A savings with a priceless for the planet.

Mmm ... We can't deny that we love it!

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