Many of us cannot live without sport and physical exercise, it is our way to keep fit and lead a balanced and healthy life both physically and mentally. The positive effect it has on people is undeniable. So why not also play sports with our pets?

Physical exercise helps them stay at your ideal weight and strengthen your muscles, until you achieve a structure strong enough to prevent joint problems when you reach a certain age, as well as to avoid all the problems linked to being overweight. As in people exercising increases the serotonin production, the same thing happens in animals, which causes a long-term pleasant sensation that makes them feel better emotionally and that helps them release stress and control their impulses, preventing aggressive behaviors. In addition, the variety of exercises allows you stimulate cognitive ability of your pet, since many of these exercises require skill, precision, self-control and a continuous learning. And as we all want to play sports, why not do it as a team? In this way we will strengthen the bond of trust with our pets and we will improve bidirectional communication.

The sports you can practice are the most varied, from freestyle dance (choreographies are performed with different figures, jumps and movements), disc dog (consists of catching a frisbee with different jumps and speeds) until canicross (run together with the belt attached to your waist). And of course you can even compete, if your dog is one of those that has a prodigious truffle that when you play hide and seek no matter where you hide it finds you, now you can be champion of Spain! since Barcelona already has its first federated club of sports detection, Happy Gossos smell club. In this olfactory discipline the difficulty is progressive, so that the dogs will enjoy to the maximum solving the challenges that you are proposing and training their most developed sense. Also in Happy Gossos they will also teach you to treat problem behaviors already give the first steps with your puppies, so that they develop as healthy and healthy as possible, always focusing on the importance of the link between you and your pet.

If you have a rabbit not for still, you can also do sports together! Like dogs and cats, rabbits can practice "Agility" performing jumps in length, height and obstacles as well as agility tests in circuits, through tunnels and hoops. In fact, there is evidence like the slalom in which these jumppers outperform even dogs.

It is important that we take care of the daily physical exercise of our pets so that keep a balanced pace of life and be happy 24 / 7. They deserve it, don't they?



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