There is no one like our pet to get the biggest smile of the day when we open the door on Tuesday when we return from work. It is a contagious happiness, which makes you forget all those papers that are still waiting for you ... a physical and emotional stimulation, which makes you feel better.

The same as us, our pets also need to be stimulated, and not only in the emotional affective field, but in the cognitive, mental and instinctive. In the latter, the main affected are the cats, which because there is no culture to take them out for a walk, most spend their lives inside a house without having contact with the outside beyond through the window. So the stimulation of their instinct so that they feel good and be happy is fundamental.

One of the most common practices is that of hide part of his food around the house so they have to track it and find her, or put it inside a toy with whom they have to interact to get it. In the case of cats, it is also important to have high resting places and scrapers (vertical) to keep your nails in good condition and mark their territory (without leaving you without furniture). The introduce plants in the house it is very interesting since will stimulate your olfactory sense and curiosity, providing you with something interesting to investigate, a natural environment in which they feel comfortable to explore and relax in an environment that they know, which they control, and free of the noise and external stress that usually overwhelms these pets in the cities.

An important factor to consider in the case of dogs is that most don't know how to entertain and get bored when they are alone, which results in an inactivity that it ends up negatively affecting your behavior and mood. The solution is as easy as taking full advantage of activity peaks intense of your dog (usually in the early morning and late afternoon) and respect your sleep hours which are between 15 and 16 hours. In these hours of intense activity, take walks and play games as the hiding place that they require you to look for, be alert, chase etc ... that allow you release all accumulated energy, and in the quietest moments, facilitate them smart toys to be entertained and performed during 5 or 10 minutes learning of orders such as lying down, spinning, paw or even climbing surfaces with different textures so that they are taking security and confidence.

Little things like this will make your pet meet 100% physically, mentally and emotionally!


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