The arrival of a new member to the family, as well as a huge joy, is attached by a frenetic activity trying to chase “the little explorer” in every corner of the house. They love everything: from the paper in the bathroom, the socks, that inexplicable attraction to the slippers and the laces... not to mention the remains of food or the excitement of chasing the mop. For them it is a totally new world to discover and it is very important to mark some guidelines to teach them how to behave.
Lo First of all, we need to choose the corner of the house where they will sleep. sleepThis place has to be at a place in the house where there is a remarkable family activity so that the puppy feels comfortable during the day, however, it is not recommended to sleep with him in your room since in the long run it can cause separation anxiety not learning to stay alone. It is also important that you are No. n a place where there air currents since the puppy could get sick and away from any dangerous area like the kitchen fires or the fireplace.
His bed will be the place we will use when the puppy has a bad behavior or when we have a visit and have to keep him quiet in one place. For this you can give the order of "SIT" and point to the bed so he understands that he has to stay there, simply using words and gestures, we should never tie him. Therefore, it is fundamental do not let him play with his mattress, nor bite it to see what is inside, nor drag it around the house, it must be clear that it is a place of rest.
In addition to biting the bed, during teeth change , it is normal to try to bite chairs, walls, furniture (basically anything that crosses his snout), you have to move firmly away from him and tell him "NO" and in return provide collagen bones or specially designed toys for this stage of change. If we follow this procedure every time we see him bite any object in the house, he will quickly relate that he has things that he can bite and play with, but there are others that he has to respect, like children's furniture or toys.
And most important of all, enjoy your puppy because time flies and they grow very fast!

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  • ines

    I loved this post !! I have a puppy of almost 3 months and it has helped me a lot to read this. Thank you!!!

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