Dogs and Therapies for Humans

We are used to seeing dogs in situations such as rescues, identifying explosive devices, acting as guides for people with disabilities, or being part of our families, but it has not been so common, until now, to see dogs involved in carrying out therapies for which people with depression or anxiety can overcome it.


Numerous studies have been carried out in different parts of the world, which agree that it is a great advance and a very feasible solution for these cases. In Madrid, for example, the Affinity Foundation and the Complutense University have come together to create "Compludog". A program dedicated to assisted therapies together with companion animals, whose objective is to positively influence the levels of anxiety and stress, as well as the well-being and socialization of university students.


According to their conclusions, the contact that these students had with dogs helped a lot, not only their physical condition, but also their emotional one. They activated hormones such as oxytocin, which is related to pleasure and wellness, and endorphins that are related to happiness, which also decrease blood cortisol, which is a physiological indicator of stress.




Do you want to know how you cann help these pampering dogs?

  • Improvements in mood
  • Reduce the feeling of loneliness
  • May help lower blood pressure
  • Helps reduce the need for some medications
  • Relieve feelings of fear and anxiety
  • Makes the person feel useful as they have a responsibility to take care of him
  • Helps to have better physical shape thanks to walks together
  • Enhances the development of empathy
  • Develop better sleep habits, thanks to routines for feeding and walking the dog.

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