Educating a puppy implies perseverance and patience, here we will tell you some small tricks to achieve small but important goals.

He will be your most faithful companion

Dedicate every day at least one hour to play with them to strengthen your bond of affection and confidence.

He must obey you when you call him back home

When you are playing in the park call him to come and congratulate him effusively and give him a succulent prize like a piece of sausage, then put the leash on him, walk a minute and let him go again. Like this, he will associate that if he comes when you call, he will receive a prize and he will understand that you are not calling to finish the trip. In case he doesn’t come when you call him, running after him does not usually work, the best option is to walk in the opposite direction and he’ll end up worrying and running after you.

Let him do his needs always at the same time

Since he arrives home you have to mark a routine: he should always eat, go to bed and go out at the same time, this way you will have in control all of his schedules and you will know at what time he will need to go out to urinate. Another trick is not to let him go until he has done his needs and once he has done them, you’ll let him play at ease. If immediately after evacuating you put on the strap and take it home, he’ll try to delay as much as possible his time of doing his needs.

Prevent aggressive tendencies

At mealtime, gently introduce your hand to his plate and move or give him his food meanwhile you speak or caress him to prevent aggressive tendencies in the future. Some breeds tend to protect their food with nails and teeth!

He should not eat anything he finds

Avoid giving him your own food or letting him eat the pieces and crumbs that fall onto the ground, and indicate his "PLACE" when he approaches the table to ask for food. He can only eat from his plate. This way, when you go out on the street you will not try to eat any edible rests and will not disturb other people who are eating in public places.

He should not bite your things

 If he destroys a toy, a shoe or a sock, never let him have it and play forever with it, because he would love it. If you let him, he will try to bite everything you like because he will know that once it is bitten it will become his.

He has to lose fear

He has to lose fear if you see that this hair bristles, he arched his back and starts to growl or bark when crossing with a cat or any other animal or object. It is not necessary to short the strap and move it away, but the opposite, you have to lengthen the strap and let it interact, move away, get closer, sniffing, getting familiar and losing his fear.

With these little tricks you will help them to be even better than they already are!

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