Natural remedies to calm your dog

Is your dog nervous or suffering from stress? Do not worry, there are numerous natural remedies to solve this problem.

Natural solutions for the anxiety and stress of our pet.

Situations such as car noises, fireworks rumbling, being home alone for a long time or coming into contact with other animals They can make our pet suffer from anxiety and cause recurrent barking, stress and bad and excessive behavior.

In these situations, unfortunately it is common for owners to lose their calm and their ways. It is true that the pressure falls on them from the neighbors and on many occasions the attitude of your pet can also generate anxiety for them. As a solution it is common to resort to drugs that help the dog to calm down, but in many cases these are harmful and should only be used under a doctor's prescription.

Age and dog breeds

It is true that there are some dog breeds more nervous than others, such as the case of the Yorkshire, Poodle, Cocher or Beagle. It is also true that these behaviors predominate more in the young puppies than in adults, since they are in the learning phase.

This type of behavior not only affects the welfare of the pet, but also that of the owner himself, so they should be treated and try to reverse the situation as soon as possible.

Solutions against stress

The most common solution comes from traditional walks and games with your pet, such as throwing a ball or toy. In this way, the dog releases energy and when he gets home he is more relaxed.

Activities such as long walks, running, jumping and, ultimately, playing, will cause sleep and a better rest for the pet. If our pet is usually nervous in itself, at home it should not be encouraged with games that alter it even more, this only for the moments of the walk. While at home you should try to promote your relaxation and comfort.

As for natural remedies that can help relax your dog, we can highlight chamomile, oats, echinacea, lavender, valerian or St. John's wort.

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