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Summer holidays are here! Motto nº1: the 3 Ds, rest, disconnect and enjoy! And with who better than with our most faithful companions, our pets. Take advantage of the short day to spend more time and lengthen our walks: but attention, you have to be careful with the high temperatures so you do not give them a heat stroke. It is preferable to shorten the rides between the 13: 00 and the 15: 00 in the afternoon and lengthen the first and last hours in which our friend will feel cooler and comfortable. So we also avoid possible burns on the pads of their legs by the heat accumulated in the ground. Fundamental always carry with us your bowl and a ...

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Until now, teaching a puppy to relieve himself in one place until he is vaccinated and can go outside required a very high cost for the owner, that with any means possible had to make understand the dog that he could only pee in one place, a counter-intuitive pad, and with a suspicious resemblance to the carpet... However, the highest cost was for the planet. Only one of these pads takes approximately 200 years to decompose. In the best case scenario, a dog uses 1 pad daily for only 2 years of life, when he is a puppy and when he starts getting old, 730 pads in total. If we have...

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Training a puppy implies perseverance and patience, here we will tell you some small tricks to achieve small but important goals. He will be your most faithful companion. Dedicate every day at least one hour to play with them to strengthen your bond of affection and confidence. He must obey you when you call him back home. When you are playing in the park call him to come and congratulate him effusively and give him a succulent prize like a piece of sausage, then put the leash on him, walk a minute and let him go again. Like this, he will associate that if he comes when you call, he will receive a prize and he will understand that you are not calling to finish the trip. In case he doesn’t come...

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