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Many of us cannot live without sports and physical exercise, it is our way to stay fit and lead a balanced and healthy life both physically and mentally. The positive effect it has on people is undeniable. So why not also play sports with our pets? Physical exercise helps them stay at their ideal weight and strengthen their muscles, to achieve a structure strong enough to prevent joint problems when they reach a certain age, as well as to avoid all problems related to being overweight. As in people exercising increases the production of serotonin, the same thing happens in animals, which causes a pleasant sensation ...

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Has it also happened to you that at some time of the night your cat, your puppy or your rabbit, begin to sprinkle like crazy throughout the house for no apparent reason? Or that you scratch your belly and your leg is out of control? Don't panic, your pet is "normal." The hyperactivity at night is due to the fact that the animals have peaks of activity of different intensity throughout the day, and at night, the peaks are usually more intense. In some cases, as in cats, it is usually associated with a stimulus for hunting, and in rabbits, as a survival instinct (which would explain why the first weeks at home sleep ...

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There is no one like our pet to get the biggest smile of the day when we open the door on Tuesday when we return from work. It is a contagious happiness, which makes you forget all those roles that are still waiting for you ... a physical and emotional stimulus, which makes you feel better. Like us, our pets also need to be stimulated, and not only in the emotional emotional field, but also in the cognitive, mental and instinctive. In the latter, the main affected are the cats, since there is no culture of taking them out for a walk, most spend their lives inside a house without having contact with the outside beyond through the window ...

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