1. Why should I try PETGROUND?
  • These educating your puppy to relieve themselves at home
  • You have a older dog those who find it difficult to control their needs
  • You're tired of having to clean the floor every two to three and use soakers
  • You pass the most of your time away from home
  • You would like to avoid damage to your carpets, furniture or the floor
  • you live in a flat and you don't have a garden 
  • You have a garden and you are tired of your dog ruining it for you
  • You want to prevent your pet from getting cold at night, getting wet when it rains or freezing when it snows
  • You have poor mobility
 2. How often should I order a new PETGROUND?

We recommend that PETGROUND be replaced every 1- 4 weeks depending on the size of your pet and how often he uses it. 

We have different plans so that you can change it every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Subscribe! Changing your plan once you have subscribed is very easy!

3. What kind of grass is it?

Our turf is composed of an 80% of Festuca Arundinacea and an 20% of Poa Pratensis. 100% organic grass prepared by local farmers!

It’s a grass pleasant to the touch that requires just a little maintenance and is very resistant to diseases. This variety of grass has little need for irrigation, is resistant to trampling, with great tolerance to shade and salinity. Supports both high and low temperatures very well. This mixture of seeds adapts perfectly to summer heat, drought, areas of shade in the garden, and conditions of intense use.

4. What is the shipping policy?

Shipments are made only from Mondays to Wednesdays to ensure the freshness of the lawn.

Free shipping from € 50! 
(Shipping will cost € 2,99 for orders under € 50)

5. Can I pause my shipments?

Of course, just log in to your account to have the shipment paused for as long as you want or to receive it in another location. 

6. Is PETGROUND available where I live?

PETGROUND is available in Spain and Portugal (peninsula). 

At the moment we do not ship to the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

7. Does PETGROUND offer training tips?

Most pets understand PETGROUND instinctively.

Even so, in the case of some dogs, we understand that there are some that cost more and therefore, you can write to us at info@petground.es or our RRSS in @petgroundes so we can help you!

8. What's up with the rain?

If you have your PETGROUND on your balcony or in an outdoor location, we recommend that you cover it or move it indoors while it is raining. 

9. What happens if there is a problem with my order?

If your order arrived with some flaw or you received an order that was not yours, please send us an email to info@petground.es so we can solve the situation as soon as possible. 

10. What pets is PETGROUND for?

For all! What little animal doesn't like grass and nature? 
You can find PetGround on our website to: dogs (3 sizes), cats and rabbits.

Try the rabbit one if you have a rodent or the standard one if you have another type of animal! You will love it!