What is petground?

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PetGround is the most instinctive and natural form of training for puppies and the solution preferred by the elderly.

Is it very cold, is it raining or do you not have time for a walk? Then PetGround is also for you.

It is a natural grass box just like the one they enjoy when they go for a walk, allowing them to have that corner at home to do their needs.

Our natural grass, with more than one year of maturation, organically filters and eliminates odors, with an average duration of 2 weeks.


Say goodbye to artificial soakers!

What size do I need?

Why you and your pet will love PetGround?

All Advantages

The artificial soakers are over. Goodbye to bad smells, bad looks, moving or taking off and having to change them every day.

Natural grass is ideal to instinctively accustom your pets to their needs, since it recreates the perfect natural conditions. In addition, it will protect your health by filtering the urine organically.

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Did you know that PetGround also works for other pets?

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Petground for Cats and Rabbits

Does your pet ask you for a cool place where you can play while maintaining a healthy diet? PetGround is for all those pets who like grass!

Rabbits love it because they enjoy eating it! The kittens lie on it and allow them not to accumulate hairballs in the stomach!

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100% natural

In PetGround we care about both your pet and the planet in which we live.

We ensure that our packaging is 100% recyclable and that our turf is produced in a totally sustainable way.

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