🌱🐶🐱Welcome to the PetGround Family 🐰🐹🐦🌱


1. Reward your pet immediately: many dogs go directly to PetGround, so you should pay attention to cheer him up and give some reward as positive reinforcement.

2. Observe how he uses it: watch your dog the first times he uses it. Some dogs could destroy the box or tear up the grass. 

3. Establish a routine: for example, take your puppy to your PetGround immediately after waking up, after and before meals, after playing, napping and before going to sleep. The puppies have a small bladder and intestine that’s why they have to relieve themselves every 4 hours. If he doesn’t go after 5 minutes, try again in 15. As soon as he does it, congratulate him effusively and give him a prize. 

4. Watch the signs: Between each use, watch the signs that your pet does (movements in a circle, sniffing intensely or when he lowers his butt). If you see that he is about to go, try to distract him and take him to his PetGround as fast as possible.

5. Use the strap: To associate the natural grass with your walks, take your pet tied with the leash to your PetGround. When he’ll use it, as a reward, give him a short walk on the outside. Use the same language and caresses that you would use in your walks. If that does not work, take him to the PetGround every time you come back from a walk. 

6. Attract it with its aromas: If your pet finds it difficult to understand, soak a paper towel with his urine and rub it against the natural grass. Another "natural" method is for a pet friend of yours to come and use PETGROUND so that yours will understand. This can be repeated as many times as necessary. Likewise, there are pheromone sprays in pet stores for the same purpose.

7. Change from artificial solutions and / or soakers to PETGROUND: Pets that use this type of solution may need some time to get used to PETGROUND. Place it near the solution you are using so far so your pet understands the purpose. Once you start using PETGROUND, remove the previous solutions. Be patient, pet habits take time to change.

8. Skeptical pets: Well-trained pets may believe that it is not OK to relieve themselves inside the house. In this case, you will need extra motivation, caresses and prizes until he understands that it’s good to do it at home in your brand-new PetGround.

9. “Anti-PetGround” pets: Exceptionally and with no case documented to date, there may be some pets that do not want to use PetGround or don’t understand all its benefits. In that case, please contact us and we will try to give you a solution. Remember that you can cancel your subscription at any time with no cost.