2 PetGrounds Bonus

2 PetGrounds Bonus

Regular price € 39,90 Offer price € 29,90
VAT included.

What is it?

With our new 2 PetGrounds bonus, you will save an 25% in each of them, that is, instead of its normal price of 19,95 €, they will only cost you 14,95 € each.

How does it work?

When placing your order, we will send you the first of your two PetGrounds. In addition, you will receive a code in the mail that will be used to request your second PetGround when you want it. This code must be entered when you want to receive your second PetGround and you will not be charged anything in this second shipment.

In summary:

Step 1: Make your purchase of the bonus.

Step 2: Get your first PetGround at home.

Step 3: Check your email. You will receive a code with which to place the order of your second PetGround.

Step 4: When it is time to order your second PetGround, enter the code when ordering your second standard PetGround. You will not be charged anything and you will normally receive it at the address you indicate.