Food for Cats with Chicken and Tuna - KOME
Food for Cats with Chicken and Tuna - KOME
Food for Cats with Chicken and Tuna - KOME

Food for Cats with Chicken and Tuna - KOME

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Do you want a 100% natural feed for your cat? Kome brings it to us ensuring good digestion: 

  • 100% Natural, free of GMOs and artificial additives. 
  • Croquettes size for any size: 5 mm
  • High protein and flavor contribution thanks to Chicken and Tuna. 
  • Made in Spain with local raw materials and certified quality.

Ingredients: Hydrolyzed chicken (30%), brown rice (15%), potato protein, peas, animal protein (80% chicken, duck and turkey), natural flavor of chicken, tuna, yeast extract, chicken and turkey fat, fish oil, malt extract, dehydrated egg, vitamin-mineral complex, MOS, yucca extract, natural acidifiers and antioxidants. 

Crude protein: 34% / Fats and oils: 9%
Fibers: 2,4% / Ashes: 7,2%
Chondroitin: 715mg/ Glucosamine: 1135 mg
Omega 3: 0,31% / Omega 6: 1,79%
Calcium: 1,3% / Match: 0,9% 
Sodium: 0,35% / Humidity: 10%

3771 Kcal per Kg

Vitamin A (3a672a): 22000 IU, Vitamin D3 (3a671): 1300 IU, Vitamin E (3a700): 110mg; Taurine (3a370): 1300mg; Iron (iron II carbonate) (3-101): 95 mg; Iodine (potassium iodide) (3-201): 0,1 mg; Copper (cupric sulfate pentahydrate) (3-405): 9 mg; Manganese (manganese oxide) (3b502): 32 mg; Zinc (zinc oxide) (3-603): 75 mg; Selenium (sodium selenite) (3b801): 0,1 mg, Chondroitin: 715mg, Omega 3: 0,31%, Omega 6: 1,79%.

your think

Your cat will love the KOME formulation for Sterilized Cats for a simple reason, it is delicious. Suitable for all types of kittens!

You will like it because it is perfect for your feline, it is of a very high quality and will help them maintain weight control, healthy skin and shiny coat (also controlling hairballs), it will strengthen their immune system and protect their Urinary tract.

Adult Weight Thin Normal Overweight
2-3 Kg 65 gr 55 gr 50 gr
3-5 Kg 85 gr 75 gr 60 gr
5-7 Kg 120 gr 105 gr 80 gr