Subscription PetGround XXL
Subscription PetGround XXL

Subscription PetGround XXL

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Shipping costs are not paid with your subscription.
The size of PetGround XXL is a square of natural grass 80x80cm and is the ideal size for our larger pets.It´s average duration is 15 days.
Receive your PetGround at home with the frequency you prefer.
This way you save and simplify the way you buy your PetGround.
With our subscriptions you will save an 15% on each order and you can schedule how often you would like to receive it.
To adhere to the subscription, a minimum of 2 shipments will be required. Behind this, you can modify, pause and even cancel your subscription at no cost in our intuitive user dashboard.
For your peace of mind, you will not be charged until we make each new shipment.